About Us

A company that has been in the software and entrepreneurship world for years; As Valentura Teknoloji ve Yatırım A.S, we offer software solutions, blockchain products, virtual reality integration, gamification, corporate consultancy and much more to our customers.

Our Products

  • Meet with Useco, the new universe of events, both a business card and a social media application, a new generation social media experience.
  • Our decentralized, easy-to-use, blockchain-based wallet application.
  • Where photography becomes business is our NFT marketplace, carefully designed for photographers.
  • Our own beyond-universe that we offer to our customers so that they can bring your events to virtual reality, benefit from the immense possibilities of virtual reality, and experience the Beyond-Universe in the best way possible.
  • They are contracts that are concluded using digital tools when certain conditions are met in the electronic environment and that ensures reliability between anonymous parties.

Why Choose us?

our capabilities

The products and solutions our company offers for our users

With the solutions we put forward on the blockchain, including ensuring data security on the blockchain, keeping data records, and realizing automations through smart contracts, we create more secure and stable assets for our customers than centralized solutions.

We can produce tokens, which are digital assets created to represent services or products on blockchains, in the quantity and for the purpose our customers want, and then we provide support in the management and processing of these tokens.

We produce virtual reality solutions to initiate or complete our customers' virtual reality integrations. We make special beyond-universe designs for the user's request, and create an experience intertwined with all the elements of virtual reality with customized space designs.

We provide all software solutions such as software development, roadmap and gamification on games, gamification and game platforms.

We offer software solutions for websites and mobile applications, updating and improving software processes, troubleshooting and many more with our expert staff.

We provide social media, website solutions on all platforms, creation of advertising and community building processes, and promoting the brand online with a new generation pen.

Corporate Consulting

  • Blockchain Consulting:

    We offer consultancy services for the integration of our corporate users into the Blockchain system.

  • NFT Consulting

    We provide consultancy in this field to our users who want to transform their art into NFT and make a profit or create digital collections for their brand.

  • Virtual Reality Consulting

    We provide virtual reality integration consultancy services to visionary brands and entrepreneurs who are interested in Virtual Reality and want their brands to take place not only in the world but also in the metaverse.

  • Investment and Start-UP Consultancy

    We create a network area and provide consultancy services by bringing together entrepreneurs who want to invest and investors who want to invest.

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